8 Free Google Workspace Marketplace Apps and Add-ons

Google Workspace Marketplace is not quite like the Google Play store where you can get millions of free apps. In fact, the Google Workspace Marketplace is crowded with paid apps, and the one that seems free ended up being just a trial version. Being a Google Workspace user, I have found that there are multiple apps that are out there in the marketplace but need some recognition.

free g suite marketplace apps

After creating a list of the best Google Workspace marketplace apps, which are mostly paid, I thought why not make a list of free Google Workspace apps that can automate a lot of your work? I also found that some of these free apps are rather better than paid apps. So without further ado, let’s install these apps.

Here is the list of 8 free Google Workspace Marketplace Apps that I like so far.

1. Mailtrack

Works with Gmail

mailtrack free g suite mail tracking app

One of my favorite tools for Gmail is Mailtrack. It makes my emailing experience more professional and so easier with a lot of tracking options it offers, all for free. Using Mailtrack you will never miss any important conversation. I think this app is most valuable for sales experts, freelancers, and direct customer relationships. All you need to install this app from the Google Workspace Marketplace and install the extension from the Chrome app store.

Features of Free Mailtrack

  • Notifies you in real-time when the receiver reads your email
  • Tracks how many times your mail was opened
  • “Mail not opened” reminder
  • Tells you how many times your links were clicked
  • Check daily reports of sent emails

Link: Install Mailtrack

2. Lucidchart Diagrams

Works with → Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Sheets, Google Drive

lucidchart free g suite marketplace diagram app

Sometimes explaining important strategy takes more than words and that is where Lucidchart Diagrams become an important tool. To make my collaboration more effective, I use Lucidchart to create visual representations and process maps. This way I share my ideas with my team in a more elaborative manner.

Lucidchart Diagrams gives you access to over 500 templates to create your data chart in no time. It is helpful to create visuals for the sales report, customer feedback, business analysis, team progress tracking, and other roadmaps.

Features of Free Lucidchart Diagram

  • Get 25MB of Data Storage for the free plan
  • Simple drag and drop to make custom diagrams
  • Creates great flow charts using existing Google sheet files

Link: Install Lucidchart Diagrams

3. Form Publisher

Works with Google Forms

form publisher free g suite marketplace app

Google Forms are great but Form Publisher makes it even more useful. Suppose, you have collected data on sales and you need to send an invoice to individual customers, you can’t do that with Google Forms alone. This is where Form Publisher works remarkably. It automatically converts your submitted Form data into separate files on Docs, Sheets, and even Slides.

Many companies rely on this tool and you should definitely try this tool for your business.

Features of Free Form Publisher

  • Free plans generate 100 files a month and it is a great fit for small business
  • Customize files with your company logo, colors, formatting, etc
  • Add receipt and send emails automatically to your clients, customers
  • Add an e-signature to improve the authenticity of your files

Link: Install Form Publisher

4. DocuSign

Works with Gmail

docusign free g suite signature marketplace app

Add an extra layer of genuineness to your outgoing email using a digital signature. DocuSign app helps you to add a digital signature to your emails and attachments to make them appear more genuine and professional. You can send unlimited emails with your electronic signature on them.

Certainly, DocuSign is a great app for certain types of emails like sending a welcome letter, personal association, etc. It will also protect your branding and improve brand awareness among users.

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Features of Free DocuSign

  • Add up to 3 signatures with the free account
  • Your signature will be fully encrypted
  • Also works with your PDFs and documents

Link: Install DocuSign

5. DocHub

Works with → Google Drive

dochub free g suite pdf editing marketplace app

PDF is the most portable, reliable, and secure document type that is popular among Financial Institutes, Education, Medical Sector, Small Businesses, etc. However, one of the frustrating things about PDFs is that they are not easy to edit. Sometimes we require a bunch of third-party apps to edit a single PDF file and it requires a lot of time and effort.

DocHub simply makes your PDF editing an easy job. It not only gives you a bunch of editing options but also readymade templates, high security, and sharing options. It is also compatible with many other Doc formats, see all features below.

Features of Free DocHub

  • Works with PDF, DOC, PPT, XLS, TXT, DOCX, PPTX files
  • Edit, merge, rotate, reorder your file
  • Add comments or highlight important points
  • Express more with images, stamps, and signature
  • Completely free with 128 to 256-bit SSL encryption security

Link: Install DocHub

6. Flubaroo

Works with → Google Sheets, Google Forms

flubaroo free g suite grading app

If you frequently run tests for your classes, organization, or web application, Flubaroo is a great tool to display grades in a few clicks. It’s an add-on for your Sheets or Forms that evaluates points for each individual. You are always in control of assigning different points for different types of questions. It also auto-detects names, and emails as personal data and does not mix it with questions. This tool is really helpful in grading assignments, quizzes, etc.

Flubaroo only works with multiple-choice or fill-in questions, so keep this in mind.

Features of Free Flubaroo

  • It is totally free-to-use add-on for Google Workspace users
  • Set or skip points for every question at your convenience
  • Check the attendance of students who were present
  • It also shows the average percentage of marks scored
  • Distribute the results via Gmail or Drive
  • Attach grades when you share the grades

Link: Install Flubaroo

7. Kami

Works with → Google Drive

kami g suite free document editing app

Kami is a productive app for education that enhances the clarity of your existing document using annotations, text-to-speech, highlighting, drawing shapes, and adding comments. etc. As a result, it makes reading so much easier and more fun. It is the best way to add more life to your documents for free. I use Kami to point out certain lines to my team with some handy examples. One of the best parts is adding screen captures to your document so that it can express more.

Features of Free Kami

  • Get a basic license for free
  • Real-time editing of your documents
  • Saves your documents automatically to Drive
  • OCR (Scanned document support) is available

Link: Install Kami

8. ZIP Extractor

Works with → Google Drive

zip extractor g suite free marketplace app

If you have ever been in a situation where you have to unzip an archive file in your Google Drive but you simply can’t due to the Drive limitations. It is not only a frustrating but also a time-consuming process because it requires downloading the whole file to your desktop. To accelerate this process, I use a popular app called ZIP Extractor which lets me unzip files right off the Drive folder. It saves so much of my time and effort. Here is what ZIP Extractor does for your archived files.

Features of Free ZIP Extractor

  • Absolutely free-to-use app for Google Workspace users
  • It lets you preview the files and you can download files individually
  • You can open file extensions like ZIP, RAR, TAR, GZIP (GZ), BZIP (BZ2), and TAR.GZ
  • It works with password-protected files too

Link: Install ZIP Extractor