7 Benefits of Google Workspace for Your Business

The inception of Google Workspace has been nothing short of remarkable. Coming from Google, the ultimate king of the internet, Google Workspace has evolved. From Google Apps for your domain in 2006 to Google Workspace in 2016, the featured set of applications only got better.

Throughout this transformation and rebranding journey, Google made additions and deletions to empower small, medium, and large-sized enterprises. The remarkable breakthrough came in 2016 with Jamboard, a hardware product with a 55-inch digital whiteboard synchronized with the cloud.

Let’s deep dive into the featured applications and solutions in Google Workspace to understand the true power that this technological solution holds.

What is Google Workspace?

google workspaceGoogle Workspace is a collection of collaborative, cloud-based computing applications to boost productivity and improve communications as well as a key component in the branding suite.

Google Workspace is a paid collection of applications that comes with an advanced admin panel for the user to integrate everything to be viewed on one tab.

As of April 2019, Statista suggests that 5 Mn of global businesses use Google Workspace. It has emerged as a tool with immense value.

A few big brands that rely on Google Workspace for their everyday business include BuzzFeed, Uber, PwC, and HubSpot amongst others.

It includes a domain-based email account that is further plugged into Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, Gmail, Google Plus, Google Calendars, Google Meet, and whatnot!

So here are the benefits of Google Workspace for your business.

1. Top Tier Security

Google Workspace admin security access

We live in an era where advanced malware is leading to innumerable data breaches throughout the year. We are vulnerable and want to put our best foot forward when it comes to ensuring security. But the biggest challenge remains in the adoption of security practices.

Google Workspace resolves the issue by mandating the two-step authentication protocol for all users. Every time you log in from an unknown, unauthenticated device, Google will prompt you to get authenticated with the help of a security code sent to your registered mobile number.

Stringency in the matter can be proven by the numerous third-party audits conducted on the cloud infrastructure. Google Workspace boasts of ISO 27001, ISO 27107, SOC ⅔, FISC Compliance, FedRamp, ENS- Spain, and more. In fact, Google Workspace allows you to extract and analyze selected application data for additional analysis and checks.

In addition to all the multi-layer security protocols, Google does not show any ads or doesn’t collect any of your data to be sold to any third party. Blocking objectionable emails and messages is only a tap away. Read more here.

2. Affordability (More like value for money)

affordable Google Workspace plans for small business and enterprise

Google Workspace pricing ranges from $6 per user per month to $25 per user per month. If you are an SME, your workforce would be 20- 50 employees. It may not be the cheapest but it brings the reliability of the tech giant that Google is! When you see these price points alongside the likes of Zoho, they might seem like quite an expense. Zoho offers the same services at $2-3 per user per account. But Google Workspace provides value-for-money services at their price point.

Here’s the calculation:

With a starter plan:

  • For 20 employees, you’d be spending $120 monthly
  • For 30 employees, your investment in Google Workspace would be $180 monthly
  • For 40 employees, you’d be spending $240 monthly on your infrastructure

Honestly, it’s a pretty sweet deal. You can save even more by opting for an annual package instead of a monthly package. You’d be saving up to 10% by availing of the annual subscriptions. Hold on! The best part is more than that. You can opt for an annual package with monthly billing. Did they sweeten the deal for you all the more?

Offer: Even wanna save more? Ask Google Workspace promo code for your business and save 10% more.

3. 24/7 Customer Availability

Google Workspace customer support

While there is no free support available for regular Gmail users, with a Google Workspace subscription, you get free 24/7 customer service available via data centers. With Google Workspace, Google introduces the feature of carrying over your old, free account to your Google Workspace. This adds an element of reliability and makes the service all the way more approachable.

Moreover, Google promises a 99.9% SLA (Service Level Agreement) with the covered services. And it has exceeded those promises in recent years. Google has no maintenance activities or downtime. Everything is controlled by the data centers through their proprietary redundant infrastructure.

4. Personalized, Powerful Add-ons for Greater Productivity

Google Workspace docs editing feature

Personalized and powerful add-ons available on the Google Workspace marketplace can help you induce productivity and develop insightful nuances in the workflow that will, in turn, enhance the value you can bring to the table for your clients through your business.

With CRM applications, you can easily populate information in simply one platform, say a mail, or your Google Calendar. Project automation applications will help you save time and make you more efficient by automating tasks. Admin tools can help you introduce security enhancements and bulk provisions.

Google Workspace makes space and time for upscaling your business.

5. Unlimited Personalized Domain Emails

create professional email with Google Workspace

Whether you upgrade your free Gmail account to a Google Workspace email or whether you get a new Google Workspace subscription altogether, you can generate multiple email aliases under the customized domain. Read here how to create a custom email address with Google Workspace.

What it does, you ask? It simply changes your email address from yourname@gmail.com to yourname@yourorganizationname.com. And in the age of cold pitches, newsletters, and other digital marketing collateral, this is a big plus.

For example, I would not read an email from xxx@gmail.com but I might read an email from xxx@abc.com.

If I were signing up for a newsletter, I’d want an email from newsletter@abc.com instead of xxx@abc.com. Do you see what it does there? It adds a sense of professionalism that would compel the reader to take the next step — open the email and go through the contents. And once they do, it pushes them deeper into the sales funnel.

6. Compatibility

google workspace is compatible with different devices

Since applications like Gmail and Google Docs are so widely used, it is obvious that your potential employees already know how it functions. They wouldn’t be scrounging for the reply or the send button. They are already familiar with the user interface.

Most of us have multiple Google accounts. If they add another one to the existing application on their mobile phones, irrespective of whether they favor Android or iOS, they’d still be good.

Basically, you are simply upgrading an existing platform for your employees, introducing the elements of security which is a necessity for your organization and the rest is smooth sailing for you. That’s what we call compatibility, user-friendly, and conveniently rolled into one.

7. Sharing Has Never Been Easier

Google Workspace for sharing content easily

One-click, a couple of taps, and collaborative sharing, updates without hitting Ctrl+S every time. Even if you own the shittiest laptop in the market that crashes out of the blue, you would not have to worry about backup. You can pick it up again right where you started from any other machine in the world. And if you are inaccessible, someone can always pick it up for you.

Features of Google Workspace

Google Workspace supported apps and features

Now, if by now, you have managed to scrounge the information from multiple sources but everything seems a little dissociated, that is where we chip in. But all the applications that you see in Google Workspace actually available for use everywhere. Then why pay for them? Here are the added advantages:

  1. Google doesn’t track you: Generally, you see ads on your personal Gmail but that’s not the case with Google Workspace. It doesn’t track you to target advertisements.
  2.  Google doesn’t show you ads: Google does not collect your data for ads and other digital marketing purposes

Following are some of the many applications that come with a Google Workspace subscription:

  • Gmail- A customized domain name with the bandwidth to create unlimited emails, the ability to install add-ons that will help you boost your productivity. In addition to that, you also get 24/7 support and zero downtime for maintenance purposes.
  • Google Docs, Slides, Sheets- Create and collate all files on the cloud. Easy navigation and management through an advanced admin panel. Storage and audit sessions depend on the chosen plan. Multiple users can comment, make changes, and track them as well as interact through the built-in chat platform.
  • Google Calendars to keep your day organized. Prioritizing tasks on your to-do list simplifies.
  • Google Meet works as a one-on-one or group textual communication and one-on-one audio and video communication platform. On the other hand, Meet allows you to schedule virtual meetings and facilitates screen sharing.

Check some handpicked tips and tricks that help to skyrocket your business.

Google Workspace clearly packs a punch and has been helping businesses derive valuable assets of branding, communication, productivity, and more. But there’s more to Google Workspace than what meets the eye. Here are eight pin-pointed reasons we love Google Workspace and would recommend it to others:


Google Workspace brings a level of stability, professionalism, and direction to your existing business with minimalism. It is extremely flexible — use what you want, do not use what you feel you do not need. But you always have a backup in case a client comes to you with the most obscure of requests.

And perhaps that’s the beauty of it. You can pull always out a rabbit from this hat if you are only looking hard for it.