7 Google Workspace Tips and Tricks for Better Productivity

Google Workspace is the most flexible and versatile online tool designed by Google. This tool is helpful for any individual or corporate business owners. Using Google Workspace, you can do more managed work with your team. You do not need any software installation if you are using Google Workspace for your business.

google workspace tips tricks

So here are some tips and tricks that are very helpful to everyone.

1. Edit Docs with Your Team

google workspace docs sharing

Google Workspace has this unique feature in which you can edit any doc file together with your team. Furthermore, you can also see live changes to the document. To use this feature all, you need to invite your friend, and you both can start editing the same document in real-time. You can also see who changed your file and when.

Steps to follow: Create a Document and click the Share button in the upper right corner to invite your teammate.

2. Revoke Sending Emails

google workspace undo sending emails

You might know about this feature of Gmail to undo the sending emails. This feature is advantageous if you want to correct an email that is being sent. By default, you will only get 5 seconds to undo sending an email. However, you can make it up to 30 seconds. This way, you will get 30 seconds to cancel the sending of an email.

Steps to follow: To enable this feature, you need to go to the Gmail setting (Gear Icon) and change the “Undo Send an email to 30 Seconds”.

3. Convert Images into Texts with File Scanner

google workspace scan files on drive app

Magically, you can just click a picture with the Google drive app on your android mobile and converts it into PDF format. Finally, you can copy all the text available in the image to use later. The drive will automatically store all the files, and you can access it from any other device or location.

Steps to follow: Download the drive app on your Android mobile. Start taking pictures of any document and save it to drive.

4. Attach Large Files with Your Emails

google workspace attach large files

As we know that Gmail allows us to attach an email size up to 25 Mb, but with Google Drive, you can attach even more. This feature is beneficial and saves your file upload time and data bandwidth.

Steps to follow: To send large attachments, you need to select Drive icon in the Compose toolbar and select the file you want to attach. Finally, click the insert button to share the file with the receiver.

5. Create Beautiful Statics Charts

google workspace sheet charts

With Google Workspace you can easily create excellent charts using any spreadsheet file. It has up to 12 different charts, that is, Line, Combo, Area, Column, Bar, Pie, Scatter, Sparklines, Histogram, Candlestick, Organizational and Treemap. Use this feature to create an instant comparison of different parameters.

Steps to follow: Open any Sheet and go to Insert > Chart to select your preferred chart.

6. Set Auto Reply on Emails

google workspace auto reply

If your business receives too many emails and you are unable to reply to all of them then “Automated response” is what you need. Sometimes you also need auto-reply when you are on vacation or perhaps offline. With Google Workspace, you can present an “Autoreply” by composing it once.

Steps to follow: Go to Gmail settings – Vacation responder – and finally edit your auto-response.

7. Voice Typing

google workspace voice typing

You already know that Google Voice assistant is one of the most superior and precise AI technology. With Voice Typing, you can fasten your daily work.

Steps to follow: Create a new document – Tools > Voice typing to enable this feature.

Overall, Google Workspace makes your business easy. If you are interested in Google Workspace, I can help you with getting a 10% discount and setting up your domain for free. Click here to get Google Workspace promo code