5 Best Cloud Storage For Small Businesses

Looking for the best cloud storage options for your business? Here are our top recommendations with reliability, easy access, features, and robust security.

According to the recent analysis by Market Data Forecast, “The cloud storage industry is expected to grow from $32.72 billion in 2019 up to $106.75 billion by 2024. Along with an average annual growth of 23.76% over this period.”

This statement clearly describes the importance of cloud storage solutions in modern industries and even small businesses. Besides the flexibility and security that cloud storage offers, it’s also the most effective way of providing your customers peace of mind with data security. Here are the few things you’ll benefit from once you choose cloud storage over conventional options.

We have heard about the intangible idea of “Cloud Storage,” but it can be explained better than you might expect. Cloud storage is the synchronized group of remotely located servers that stores your data with industry-leading security, redundancy, and enterprise features. It means your data is fetched from off-site sources instead of traditional storage devices inside your PC.

Although cloud storage can be classified into multiple functions, we’ll be focusing primarily on storage options. Think of this as external HDDs you connect using specific networks (for most cases, conventional internet). With that said, your cloud storage speed and response time rely heavily on your internet connection and bandwidth.

best cloud storage for small business

Benefits Of Having Cloud Storage For Business

Cloud services can help businesses operate in the most cost-effective yet practical way possible. Cloud storage improves the collaborative approach towards multiple employees accessing information. Teams can create, edit & share projects from wherever they are. Even for MNCs, offices across oceans can efficiently collaborate without complex network infrastructure.

Cloud storage also provides greater flexibility and work-life balance. One can work from anywhere and anytime, and it doesn’t matter whether your team is under the same roof. According to Microsoft’s survey, 67% of small businesses and startups require their employees to work anywhere simply because they are bound to confined spaces. Thus, cloud storage becomes the go-to solution.

Cost-effectiveness is another measure, especially for small startups and small businesses. Cloud storage significantly cuts the cost while managing sustained growth. Businesses can upgrade their storage capacity without dealing with expensive hardware upgrades. And once you find your business doesn’t need large amounts of storage, step down the package and save.

In addition, cloud storage is the most secure storage option, at least better than your local hard drives. Your information won’t be damaged by fire breakouts or won’t get wiped out in floods. Your business won’t get offline, just for an internal error. And who wants to lose money because of technical challenges?

All such benefits directly lead to the increasing usability of cloud storage.

Why should businesses use cloud storage over physical?

 We recommend having multiple backups for your crucial files . Physical HDD installed inside your desktop and NAS (Network Attached Storage) units are beneficial, but it’s also essential having off-site backup miles away from your premises. Why might you ask? Because there’s no guarantee of unavoidable circumstances such as thefts, fire breakouts, or accidents that may affect your storage devices. Even if that happens, you can safely recover from the clouds.

Can you remotely access your PC’s storage from your smartphone? Even with NAS, you have to set up complicated file-sharing systems for doing such jobs. But with cloud storage, you can have full-fledged control over your storage anytime & anywhere. No matter what device you’re using, as long as you’ve account credentials and internet access. It’s that much simplified.

Cloud Storage Advantages

  •  An easy-to-use backup source that takes seconds to configure. 
  •  Group access for multiple individuals working collaboratively. 
  •  24×7 access from any device, with supportive platforms and apps for Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and Linux. 

How To Choose The Best Cloud Storage For Business

There are so many versatile cloud storage options available; this may seem overwhelming, opting for the one suitable for your business goals. When you’re about to choose the cloud storage service, you must consider various factors, including security, ease of access, redundancy, and of course, cost. All cloud storage services don’t deliver equal bells and whistles, but some options are marginally ahead of today’s competition. 

Here are the best cloud-based storage solutions for business

1. Google Drive for Business

Benefits and Key Features

  • File Storage, Editing, Sharing, Synchronising
  • Very user-friendly dashboard to manage all your files
  • UI powered smart search engine to find your lost files
  • Highly advanced file sharing control and data privacy
  • Comes bundled with Gmail for business, Docs, Sheets, and many other apps.
  • 14 days free trial for your small business
  • 30 GB for $6/month, 2 TB for $12/month, 5 TB for $18/month

google drive cloud storage

Anyone with a Google account has probably used Google Drive. For personal cloud storage, there’s no competition to Google Drive. But did you know there’s also an exceptional solution for startups, small, and even corporate businesses? Aside from cloud storage, Google includes some insanely helpful apps, thanks to Google Workspace. Editorial apps like Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and more are really valuable for your team. 

As a professional content writer, I use Google Drive to synchronize thousands of files and sensitive data across my smartphone and Windows PC. Drive also lets you look at file previews, even when you don’t have compatible apps installed. And who can forget seamless integrations between Gmail, Google Photos, Chrome, and Google Calendar? Overall, It is not only a cloud storage option for your business but a complete solution for startups.

2. Dropbox Business

Benefits and Key Features

  • Free 30-day trial with full access
  • Full control over file sharing
  • Recover deleted files and sync them on cross platforms
  • Over 300k third-party apps integration available
  • Starting $12.50/month for 5 TB storage per user

Dropbox Business cloud storage

You might have already heard of Dropbox because it’s almost the monopoly right now for medium to large-scale businesses. Dropbox offers some unique features that many other cloud storage services lack. Features like recovery of deleted files (within 180 days), setting an expiry date for temporary sharing permission and sending up to 100GB of data at once to your clients and team.

For the bells & whistles, Dropbox offers unlimited storage per user for just $20, that’s very cheap as compared to other platforms.

Dropbox also excels in providing chunky capacity for businesses & startups. Whether it’s file storage, sharing, synchronizing across multiple devices, or seamless team collaboration, Dropbox is dominant. It boasts centralized administration, activity monitoring, and advanced security settings with data redundancy and backups. Let’s be honest — there’s always an employee with poor data management. It happens to everyone, but not anymore with Dropbox.

3. OneDrive for Business

Benefits and Features

  • Onedrive also comes bundled with all Office 365 apps
  • Comes with eDiscovery, data retention, file auditing, and reporting
  • Cheapest, secure, and reliable storage option
  • Avail free storage for 30 days during sign-up
  • 1TB per user for $5/month

Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage

Microsoft OneDrive is the direct answer to Google Drive. While Drive is best for Android & Chrome OS, OneDrive got seamless integration with Microsoft Suite of applications (Office 365) and Windows OS. For Windows 8 and above, you can synchronize system settings, apps, files, and folders on OneDrive. Similar to Google Drive, OneDrive also helps collaboration across multiple devices.

Don’t worry about Mac, Android, and iOS users, because OneDrive is also available for these platforms. You can upload photos/videos from your smartphone and keep them synced with your PC. In addition, Microsoft OneDrive has this Windows-only feature called Fetch, which lets you import files from any synced PC connected to the internet. Sorry Mac users, this one’s not available for you!

4. Box

Benefits and Features

  • Free 14-day trial with unlimited cloud storage
  • Fully privacy control and independent encryption key option.
  • Integrate it with other suites like Google Workspace, Microsoft 360, Slack, Adobe, etc.
  • $15/month per user; unlimited storage

Box cloud storage

Box is popular among small businesses, especially for its competitive pricing. Here is the best thing about Box! By paying only $15/month, you get unlimited cloud storage. Literally unlimited! However, the single file size should not be exceeding 15GB. If you want more space, you can go for higher plans too. What more can you ask? The service centralizes business data for your teams working on important files. Box also lets you share screenshots & screencasts directly from your PC and smartphone.

And the most underrated feature is its search system. Box can search texts inside the contents of document files for when you don’t remember the title. The service also integrates seamlessly with various third-party services for delivering more and more features. And like you would expect, the service is distributed across multiple platforms. You know what they are!

5. SugarSync Business

Benefits and Features

  • Free 30-day trial
  • Simplest cloud storage option for your small business
  • $55/month for 1 TB of storage

SugarSync Business cloud storage

SugarSync Business boasts unique Outlook plugins that keep your crucial files completely uncluttered and free of unnecessary data for the snappiest loading times. Similar to Google Drive, SugarSync sends files and folder links with emails rather than attaching the chunky files. As a result, it not only saves you space on email attachments but also lowers your internet usage.

SugarSync Business works across multiple platforms and devices, including Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and even Linux. As a result, you can synchronize files and folders across multiple devices, even when dozens of employees collaborate. While SugarSync Business seems more expensive than the competition, the benefits you’ll get are exceptional. You will love this cloud storage if you need a simple dashboard to manage all your files at once.


Did you find the perfect cloud storage service that comforts all your business requirements? Let us know by dropping your comments down below. Cloud storage solutions can fulfill whatever responsibility you need. So, pick one that works efficiently with your team – whether for system backups, collaboration, sharing, or off-site redundancy. So, this was it – our top recommendations of the best cloud storage services. Catch you in the next one. Peace.