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What is G Suite?

G Suite is an online tool which is designed by Google to help several digital marketing agencies to manage their work on the go. As you know that G Suite is rebranded after Google Apps for Work and its one of the easiest tools to manage your team and work. With G Suite you get apps, majorly for four purposes i.e, Connect, Create, Access and Control. Here is the list of apps you get in each category.

  1. Connect: Gmail, Calendar, Google+, Hangouts Chat, Hangouts Meet
  2. Create: Docs, Sheets, Forms, Slide, Sites, App Maker, Keep, Jamboard
  3. Access: Drive, Google Cloud Search
  4. Control: Admin, Vault, Mobile Device Manager

Using all the categories, you can manage your work members easily. G Suite also makes it easy to create new projects on the go and reduce several challenges that you may face normally. One of the great advantages of using G Suite is that you don’t have to install anything, it just works on any web browser. Furthermore, you can support cross-platform devices such as Android, Windows, iOS, Mac. All you need to remember your password and you can start working on your grandmother’s computer. Isn’t it easy?

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G Suite Cost Pricing List

As you know G Suite has different pricing in different countries. So here is the pricing of all G Suite plans in the major locations around the globe.





Newz Zealand$6/month$12/month$25/month
United Kingdom£4.6/month£9.2/month£20/month
United States$6/month$12/month$25/month

Note*: Where N/A denotes not applicable.

G Suite: Frequently Asked Questions

1. How G Suite Works?

G Suite is the same Google App platform which is an online suite for communication and collaboration but made for businesses. That is why Google has put together all the apps and make it G Suite that saves your data online in the cloud computers. It simply means that you are not bound to a single device, you can access your work from any other devices.

2. Who is a G Suite Administrator?

G Suite Administrator is someone who creates a business email for you. It could be your Company or Group or personal who manages all the email services and accounts in a small business. You may read more here.

3. Can I Use G Suite for Free?

Yes, G Suite allows you to test their service as a trial for 14 days. It will not ask for your credit card detail in order to try G Suite. After 14 days trial, you may or may not wish to continue on G Suite. There are 4 other ways to get G Suite for free, check them out.

4. Is G Suite Email is Fully Secured?

Yes, G Suite keeps your account and information secure and prevents unauthorized access to your data. Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol also helps to send and receive encrypted emails from the client’s end.

5. How Much Does G Suite Cost?

It is a flexible tool that allows you to access Google Apps from anywhere, anytime. Besides this, G Suite is a really cheap alternative to many other online tools. However, G Suite costs change as per the country. You might visit this page to check their pricing table.

6. Which plan is good for me, Flexible or Annual?

If you just want to try out G Suite services then go for a Flexible plan because you pay for it as long as you wanna keep it, no commitment. Else, if you own an established company and want G Suite as your long-time investment, an Annual plan is a great choice. You will also save 17% additionally on the Annual plan.

7. What is the difference between G Suite and Office 365?

Both the services are designed for small to large business however G Suite is a slightly better option for most of the startup companies. If you have recently migrated from Office 365 or maybe planning to use it, here are the differences between G Suite and Office 365.

Important G Suite Tips

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