How to Apply Google Workspace Promo Code?

Every promotional code is unique. A new user can only apply it once and cannot be used by anyone else. To apply a promotional code, login to your Google Workspace Admin ConsoleBillingSubscriptionsSet up billing and follow the steps as shown below.
  • Get started with the plan of your choice workspace plan details
  • Review your payment plan and make sure you have selected the right plan review your payment plan
  • Click on "enter promotion code" and paste your unique promotion code in it google workspace promo code applied succesfully
Finally, you will see that 10% discount is now succesfully applied to your checkout page. If you are getting any kind of errors while applying the promo code, visit this page.

How to Avail 14 Days Free Trial

Google Workspace offers a free 14 days trial to try all features. Also, there is no payment method needed to avail this trial offer.
Link to get trial offer: First, visit this offer page to avail free trial and setup a new Workspace account for your business. In case you need any help on setting up your Workspace account, read this article.
  • Now after you set up your account, select the trial plan of your choice from the Subscription page under Billing. select free trial plan
  • Click checkout to start your trial period, no payment method required. free google workspace trial
  • That is it, Enjoy 14 days free subscription of Google Workspace. successful activated trial offer
  • You will also get confirmation message for the same as shown above.

Why Google Workspace?

Google Workspace can benefit your business in multiple ways, and here are some of the highlighted benefits.
Professional email for everyone:professional email with google workspace
Get professional business emails for your company and employees. A professional email address improves your business presence, and your customers/clients can easily reach out to you. All the emails are hosted on an enterprise-grade Gmail client. Not only this, each user can create up to 30 email alias accounts without paying extra.
Storage for each user:google drive storage for business Every employee of your company gets their own Drive cloud storage as per the plan of your choice. Below are the storage options you get with different Google Workspace plans.
  • Business Starter Plan: 30 GB cloud storage per user
  • Business Standard Plan: 2 TB cloud storage per user
  • Business Plus Plan: 5 TB cloud storage per user
  • Enterprise Plan: Unlimited cloud storage per user
Full file-sharing control: Every user will get complete control over sharing any file they have created. They can share the file with the team members or someone specific by manually granting access to them, one by one. As a matter of fact, this method is a little time-consuming and only suitable for sharing files with limited members of your team. In order to minimize time, Google Workspace offers “Shared Drive.”
With Shared Drive, every team member will already get access to the file. Also, all the users who have been granted permission to access the file will receive an email copy of the same in their Gmail. Shared Drive is always owned by the organization and not by any individual. If any team member leaves the company, Team Drive Admin can always revoke their right to access the file from the Shared Drive data.
Seamless Integration with CRM & third-party apps: With Google Workspace, you can connect your Docs, Sheets, Drive, and other apps. With cloud CRMs and other third-party apps to improve your workflow.
You can eliminate all the human errors data inconsistency by extracting your data into any CRM software of your choice. It also helps analyze data, automating multiple tasks in a more easy fashion. You can always pull back all the data to your Sheets to get a better insight. It can save you hundreds of human hours.
Powerful Admin Console: With Admin Dashboard, you can start managing your Workspace account to whole another level. You can add/remove users, create groups, assign roles, grant or revoke permissions, manage your apps/data/logged-in devices, add an extra security layer with 2-step verification, and whatnot.
Admin can also check current Drive storage usage, monthly mails usage, active users, etc., in the report section. You can also perform audits using the Audit log section to see which files are being uploaded/created, who is viewing or editing them, and various other events.

Apps that Improves Workflow

Google Workspace can benefit your business in multiple ways, and here are some of the highlighted benefits.
Gmail: Host your business email on the most popular, secure, and organized email client. You can create and host a professional ( on Gmail. It comes built-in with phishing, malicious and spam protection. In addition, It works with Google Drive to send huge files as attachments whenever needed. Some unique features include: undoing sent emails, nudging any email, multiple email signatures, scheduling a mail, etc.
Drive: Get business cloud storage from 30 GB to unlimited, depending upon the plan. Google Drive deals with the entirety of your business’s files and storage and enables you to share files on the go with your peers in the same company. Drive synchronize your files directly from your desktop and make them fully encrypted along with full privacy control. Just like Gmail, Drive is smart and categorizes your files automatically to make them look more organized. Drive also allows you to access your files even if you do not have internet connectivity.
Google Docs & Sheet: With Google Docs, you can access, sign documents and share them with your team online or send them an offline copy. It supports popular documents like spreadsheets, presentations, and general documents. Multiple users can simultaneously edit a file, making workflow more efficient. Features like pre-built templates, voice typing, and document scanning make life much easier. Google Docs currently supports .DOC, .XLS, .PPT, .DOCX, .XLSX, .PPTX file formats and you can also convert any file format to .DOCX, .ODT, .RTF, .PDF, .TXT, .HTML, .EPUB.
Google Calendar: It is a powerful productivity tool that has revolutionized the way people manage their time. Google Calendar is a widely-used online calendar application that allows users to manage and organize their schedules, events, and appointments. It offers various features such as creating and sharing events, setting reminders and notifications, and integrating with other Google applications such as Gmail and Google Meet. With its user-friendly interface, Google Calendar provides an efficient way for individuals and businesses to stay on top of their schedules and deadlines, enabling them to manage their time effectively.
Google Meet: Google Meet is a video conferencing platform developed by Google that allows users to communicate and collaborate remotely. With its intuitive interface and reliable performance, Google Meet has become an increasingly popular choice for individuals, businesses, and educational institutions. It offers a range of features, including screen sharing, virtual backgrounds, real-time captioning, and the ability to record meetings. Additionally, Google Meet is fully integrated with other Google tools such as Google Calendar and Google Drive, making it easy to schedule and join meetings and share documents with others. Overall, Google Meet provides a secure and user-friendly solution for virtual meetings and remote collaboration.

1. Setup Domain

Create an account on Google Workspace and enjoy 14 days free trial. Finally, set up your first domain on Google Workspace, ignore this step if already did.

2. Fill the form

Fill the form correctly such as your name and Google Workspace account type (starter or standard account). Also, make sure to put your active email address correctly.

3. Receive code

After verifying your details, we will send you a unique promotional code direct to your email.

Still looking for a Google Workspace promo code? Well, your wait ends here because I will help you with a discounted Google Workspace promo code for Basic as well as Business accounts. I also recently added promo codes for upgrading your Google Workspace account. You may use the promo code for flexible (monthly) or annual payments. After you apply the code, you can get up to a 10% flat discount, depends on your country.

So all you have to do is to fill-up the form on the top of this page. Provide your name, your current email ID, your country name and also tell if you need a business or basic promo code. That is it, I may contact you on your email with an exclusive Google Workspace promo code.

Frequently asked questions
Where to enter Google Workspace promo code?
To enter Google Workspace promo code, you need to login to your Google Workspace account and then go to the billing section. Finally, enter your promo code to avail the discount.
Do you send legit promo code for starter and standard accounts?
Yes, We send only legit and working promo code for your business. All you need is to fill the form above to get your code.
Can I recieve Google Workspace upgrade Promo Code?
Yes, Such promo code is applicable to upgrade your account from starter to standard SKU.
How does Google Workspace work?
Google Workspace is a cloud computing suite that is accessible from any device that has internet access. Your files save automatically in the cloud when you edit it, and you can access them later from any location. To improve your productivity, Google Workspace allows you to create a team of hundreds of users. Moreover, when it comes to communication and collaboration work, it is where Google Workspace stands out.
Who is a Google Workspace administrator?
Google Workspace administrator is the sole owner of the account who creates a business email for you. It can be your company, group, or person who manages all the email services and accounts from Google Workspace admin console. You may read more here.
Can I use Google Workspace for free?
Yes, Google Workspace allows you to try their 14 days trial without any charges. You do not need to enter your credit card details to try Google Workspace. The trial does not come with any major limitations means you can try out Google Workspace services as much as you required. After 14 days trial, you may wish to continue on Google Workspace by paying monthly or annual subscription fee. In addition, there are 4 other ways to get Google Workspace for free, check them out.
Is Google Workspace email is fully secured?
Yes, Google Workspace keeps your account information secure and prevents unauthorized access to your data. Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol also helps to send and receive encrypted emails from the client’s end. Read how Gmail protects your emails from spam
How much does Google Workspace cost?
Google Workspace costs change as per country. For example, Google Workspace basic price in the United States is $6, but in India, it costs less than $3. You might want to check the pricing table listed below.
Difference between a Basic and Business account?
Google Workspace standard account is tailored for both small and large businesses with unlimited storage option, data loss prevention and many other benefits. In contrast, a Basic account is an excellent choice for an individual or small company with up to 30GB storage.
What is is a flexible and annual payment plan?
Flexible is a simple payment option and comes with no commitment. You have to pay a monthly subscription fee in a flexible plan. Whereas, Annual is a 12-month plan and you have to pay a total sum of 12 months at once. If you have not tried all the Google Workspace apps features during the trial, you might want to try it more for a couple of months. Paying with a flexible method is a great option here until you are fully satisfied with the suite. You pay for it as long as you want to keep it, no commitment.
On the other hand, if you really like the service and want Google Workspace for the long-term, an annual plan is a great choice. Moreover, you save an additional 17% bill by using a promo code provided by us on both flexible and annual payment.
Which countries are eligible to receive 10% off promo code?
Currently, we send codes for these selected countries i.e, Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan, South Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, India, Japan, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Canada, United States, and Puerto Rico. If your country is listed here, you can ask us for the code.
What is the difference between Google Workspace and Office 365?
Both the services are designed for small to large business, however, Google Workspace is a slightly better option for most of the startup companies. If you have recently migrated from Office 365 or maybe planning to use it, here are the differences between Google Workspace and Office 365.

How Much Does Google Workspace Cost?

Google Workspace has different pricing in different countries. So here is the pricing of all Google Workspace pricings in the major locations around the globe.

Country Business Starter Business Standard
New Zealand$6/month$12/month
United Kingdom£4.6/month£9.2/month
United States$6/month$12/month

Note*: Where N/A denotes not applicable.

Be among the 30%

Only about 30% of businesses save their money on Google Workspace, the rest pay full. Why pay full price if you can save a good 10% of it?

Save more on Business plan

Standard plan user saves more money using promo code. Switching from Starter to a Standard plan actually saves your money twice.

Move to yearly plan

Why choose a monthly plan if you can save 17% more on the yearly plan? Also, in a year, you experience the most professional suite in the market right now that can make your business grow.


With Google Workspace, you get the world's most popular and secure email service, Gmail. Send huge attachments in a single mail.


With Google Drive, you get to choose 30GB or Unlimited storage options to secure your file in the cloud.


Create, edit and share your documents in realtime with your team without even downloading any software.