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How to Create Custom Gmail Email With Your Own Domain Name?

Have you ever accessed a free Gmail service? If yes, then you must have familiar with the Gmail email address and how easy it is to use for your personal emailing. However, using Gmail, you have to face certain limitations such as limited email storage capacity, cannot send mass emails, and most importantly the email address itself.

create custom gmail address for domain name

Well, we can’t deny the fact that how useful a Gmail service for personal use. However, when it comes to business usage, there is a huge disadvantage of using Gmail. One of the disadvantages is a custom email address.

What is a Custom Email Address?

A custom email represents the contact email link of your personal domain name rather than a public domain name such as Gmail, Yahoo, or Outlook. For instance, if you own a domain name “yourcompany.com” then you can create custom emails like orders@yourcompany.com or adam@yourcompany.com. Using custom email, you can get rid of @gmail.com and @yahoo.com public domain extensions. Moreover, custom emails are always more professional and reliable to your customers.

How to Create Custom Gmail Address?

g suite domain team account

Well, there are many alternatives to create Custom email but I believe Gmail is one of the widely used, simple, and secure ways of emailing on the go. However, Gmail won’t allow you to create a new account with a custom domain name on it. You need G Suite by Google, instead. So what you do is to follow this guide to create a custom Gmail address of your own domain.

  1. Visit, G Suite from this link and register yourself with your domain name.
  2. Follow this guide to know how to set up the G Suite account, step by step guide.
  3. G Suite works free for the first two weeks (14 days trial) and then pay a little free to continue using it.
  4. Now, you have to select whether you need a G Suite Business or Basic account.
  5. Also, don’t forget to apply the G Suite promo code to get a flat 20% discount on your first billing.
  6. Finally, you can access Google’s services like Gmail for your custom domain name.

There are other benefits like Google Drive Storage, Calendar, Docs, Sheet, Meet, Forum, Keep, Slides, App Maker, and Sites that come along with the G Suite tool.