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How To Set Up Domain on G Suite: An Easy Guide for 2020

In order to use G Suite benefits, you must set up your domain name on G Suite first. So, in this post, I have made an easy tutorial on how you can easily take your business with G Suite. Let’s get started,

g suite domain setup

Our Objectives

In general, we have to accomplish these three steps to use G Suite.

  • Set up a business account on G Suite
  • Add more people to your business account
  • Finally, verify your domain name

Requirements to Set up G Suite

You must have access to these two things before you signup for G Suite

  1. An active domain name
  2. An active email address

Step 1: Add a Business Account on G Suite

First of all, you need to add a business account on G Suite using this link. It is like a standard registration process which includes submitting your domain name and email address on G Suite. Now when you open this link, you will see “Start free trial” button, just click on that to start your 14 days free trial to test G Suite services.

g suite start free trial

Now, in the next step, you need to put your business name such as Floracent Media LLC or Devic, Inc. This step is essential because it will allow G Suite to know your business better. Additionally, you have to mention how many people are going to use this G Suite account. After that click “Next” to proceed on the next page.

g suite business name country signup

After that, you need to create a G Suite admin by entering your First name, Surname and Current email address. These details can be changed later.

g suite admin details

Finally, in the next step, you have to tell Google whether you have an active domain name or not. In this case, I am assuming that you have a domain name. So just confirm it by clicking “Yes, I have one that I can use” button. In case you don’t have a domain name, just click “No, I need one” button to buy a brand new domain name.

g suite domain name confirmation

Fill the domain name which you want to use for business and click “Next.”

g suite domain name details

Here is what it should look like. If everything is correct, just proceed to the next page.

g suite domain name

Now, in the next step, you need to create login credentials to access the G Suite dashboard. Of course, you also need to keep these details safe with you. This account will always be your master account, and you probably should not share these login details with anyone.

g suite login credential

Finally, you have successfully created a G Suite account which is active for now. However, you still don’t have access to G Suite apps like Gmail, Drive, Calendar, etc.

g suite account created successfully

To get access to all G Suite apps, you need to create a team and then finally verify your domain. I will show you how to do this easily in the next 2nd and 3rd step.

Step 2: Add People to Your G Suite

g suite add more people

This second step is optional for most the people unless you have a medium-size or a large corporate business. In this step, you can add more people to your current G Suite account. For instance, if you are running an eCommerce website, then you might need to add multiple accounts for your team. You will probably need accounts for managing Support email, Promotional email, Order emails, etc. Your team with different login credentials can access all these accounts.

That is why G Suite allows you to add multiple people under your main account. Eventually, you will receive Gmail, Drive, Calendar and all other apps for all individual accounts.

  • Please note that you will be charged accordingly for each account you’ll add.

You can simply start to add people by creating their “First Name,” “Last Name” and “Email address.” When you are done creating your team, click the checkbox “I added all user email addresses currently using @yourdomain.com” and proceed further.

g suite domain team account

This step is now completed. We will move toward our 3rd and final stage, the verification step.

Step 3: Verify Your G Suite Domain

Above all, you must verify the ownership of your domain name. You can efficiently perform verification successfully using these steps. Just follow the below steps. The upcoming method will not only validate your domain but also you can start sending and receiving emails right away using G Suite.

G Suite automatically detects the domain host which is Cloudflare in my case. However, you need to select different verification methods as “Add a domain host MX record.”

g suite domain verification method

Now login to your Cloudflare account and go to your Cloudflare control panel. Meanwhile, click the first two checkboxes of the domain verification process.

Note: In case you have different domain host with cPanel, all steps will remain the same. Just log in to your cPanel Dashboard and select Zone Editor to edit the MX record.

g suite domain control panel login

In the next step, all you need is to change your domain’s MX record file on Cloudflare or cPanel accordingly as shown in an image below.

Point to Remember: Do note that you need to edit the MX record of the same domain you have added on G Suite.

g suite domain name MX record

To do that, Go to the DNS tab on Cloudflare or Zone Editor on cPanel and start adding the MX record.

g suite cloudflare dns edit

Cloudflare will show you the current list of all records.

g suite cloudflare dns record current list

Now add MX record from the left drop-down menu and add the records one by one as shown below. Finally, click save to save them.

g suite cloudflare mx record

Finally, you will see all your DNS records like this.

g suite cloudflare final mx record list

When you are done adding all the MX records, tell G Suite that you have saved the MX records, just by checkbox all the parameters. Furthermore, click the “Verify Domain and Set Up Email” button and you have done your part for now.

g suite domain mx record saved

Now it’s G Suite’s turn to verify all the details that you have provided. It may take up to 50 minutes to check your domain ownership. However, in my case, it took around 10 minutes.

g suite domain verification process

As soon as your domain verification completes, you will see the G Suite dialogue box for successful verification.

g suite domain successfully verified

That is all folks, Your domain is now active on G Suite, and you can enjoy the 14 days free trial benefits.