Why You Should use Google Workspace to Work from Home

Google provides many applications and services specially designed to increase your business’s efficiency and workflow. These services come packed with Google’s Google Workspace which includes all the apps like Gmail, Drive, Docs, etc. 

Although one does have access to these services for free, with Google Workspace, you get additional features that can help your company boost its productivity. The admin features of Google Workspace help you and your company to manage and command your employees with ease. 

On top of that, they also provide added services to their applications that can help the company to have better communication, workflow, security, and profit margin. As Google Workspace is a cloud-based software provided as a service, it is considered one of the best options for work-from-home environments.

Google Workspace work from home
Credit: www.blog.google

Here are a few points that state the importance of Google Workspace and how seamlessly they get integrated if you are working remotely.

1. Skyrocketing Security Policies

Google Workspace is a cloud-based service, as stated above. Keeping it in mind, it has been created using one of the most secure cloud platforms in the market. So you can blindly trust this amalgamation to handle all your confidential and sensitive data just like many big-name companies are doing. 

Google follows its policy of a “security-first mindset” to make sure that every application and service is secure for the users. They provide many features and functionalities to protect user’s data, such as:

  • Google Workspace Admin: Provides administrator rights using which one can supervise all the data and take security measures to prevent any data breach.
  • Encryption: Gives encryption for all your emails in transit
  • Audits and Assessment: Google Workspace goes through different inspections supervised by independent third parties.
  • Data Retention: There are options like retaining, archiving, searching, and exporting available.
  • Privacy: For Google Workspace users, no data generated is collected or scanned for advertising purposes. Moreover, you will not get any ads on your Google Workspace applications. 
  • Transparency: Your company will get transparency reports from Google to keep you up to date. 

2. Easy for All-Sized Companies

Its organizational tools, ease of communication, and work monitoring are why Google Workspace is considered one of the best in today’s market. Applications like Google Calendar make day-to-day tasks like regulating meetings, coordinating projects, tracking deadlines, and setting up appointments extremely easy.

Along with the mentioned features, Calendar is integrated along with your Gmail. So all the alerts and reminders can be received and managed right from the inbox. There is also the admin console that can govern and manage employees connected to Google Workspace. 

With the help of this console, one can quickly build accessibility settings and integrate different business apps. Google Workspace also provides the option of mobile management, this feature is available for both Android, iOS, and other platforms. 

With this feature, the admin can distribute and govern work apps on employee’s smartphones.

3. Easy to Use and Familiar Navigation

Almost everyone uses Google applications; services like Gmail and Google Docs are standard in the market. Hence, the time needed for explanation and training is cut in half, which makes the transition smooth and quick.

These services and applications are extremely user-friendly, easy to understand, and are platform-independent. We can take the example of Gmail; it is compatible with all mobile devices and has a lot of exciting and user-friendly features that can help the company to enhance your company’s productivity.

Google Workspace uses your everyday apps and adds extra features to them to provide more ease to the user. Almost everyone uses these applications, they are not platform-dependent, and without a doubt, easy to understand and use. 

4. Keeping Everybody On The Team Connected

Keeping your teams organized and connected is not that easy when all of them are in their respective homes. For this issue, Google has features built into their Google Workspace that can help to control and implement a proper flow of work even when the employees are not in their offices.

These features and methods provided by Google Workspace are as follows:

  • Keeping daily meetings: Working from home can become isolating, and sometimes employees lose touch. To prevent that from happening, you should hold regular meetings through web conferencing, provide valuable information, raise questions, and try to get people to interact and engage. You should also record your session for employees who missed the meeting due to reasons regarding the time zone. 
  • Share goals and tasks on a routine basis: Sharing information and communicating is a crucial part of any company, and when employees are not present in the offices with Google Workspace, they can still update each other easily. Using Google Workspace’s applications, sending organized tasks, and sharing information, the documents, calendar, and keep is a great way to ensure that everyone’s on board.

5. Uninterrupted Working Even When Offline

Getting access to the internet is not always possible, and losing important work due to internet-related issues can be bothersome. Considering this, Google Workspace has come up with offline capabilities that allow users to continue their work irrespective of the internet connection. 

Gmail stores 90 days’ worth of email in both their browser and mobile application, this helps users to search, compose, and organize all offline. Google Drive also provides a native offline platform to help you create, edit, and work on documents, sheets, or presentations. 

With this feature, you can continue to work without any hindrance caused by lousy internet. These features help in making sure you do not fall behind on your work, and everything gets updated as soon as you get back to a good internet connection.

6. The Use of Video Meetings

Google Meet provides a video conferencing platform known as Meet. Web conferencing is a significant way to connect when you are working from home. These meetings make sure all your employees can remain on the same page. 

This platform provides features like recording sessions, taking notes, etc. To have professional video meetings, make sure you follow these tips:

  • Position your camera: Make sure people can see you clearly and try to keep the camera on as much as possible because it makes the team feel connected and engaged
  • Get decent lighting: Get a place with proper lighting before starting the meeting, or else your video will look dim and unprofessional
  • Get your audio checked: Audio is an essential part of these online meetings, check that your mic is working correctly and that both input and output are clear
  • Keep a clean background: Even though you are working from home, you must present yourself in a professional-looking environment with a clutter-free background 

7. The Benefits of Virtual Whiteboard

Brainstorming ideas using a whiteboard is a common practice in almost every company. However, if you are not in the office, it becomes hard to have those sessions with your team members. 

To help you and your team with continuing your brainstorming sessions, Google provides a virtual whiteboard app called Google Jamboard. With Google Jamboard’s capabilities, employees can enjoy collaborative meetings where people can share their ideas on a 55-inch digital whiteboard device or some collaborative software via the Jamboard app. 

There are many other applications offered by Google Workspace to help companies make sure that their employees can have an easy work-from-home experience. Applications like AODocs are enterprise document management solutions that can help in creating workflows, processing, and managing documents.

LumApps is an enterprise portal that ensures content delivery to the right person. It provides personalized content, business applications, and social communities to the employees.

8. Using Keep to Manage Daily Tasks

It has already been discussed that Google Workspace can help the company to collaborate more efficiently; this can be even done remotely. Google Keep is an application that will help you to take or jot down notes, make lists, draw sketches, and save images.

Moreover, you can simultaneously share these with your team members to ensure a more organized workflow. The people who use Google Keep already know its capabilities when it comes to managing tasks, keeping track of essential details, and creating checklists for assignments. 

When incorporated with Google Workspace, this becomes an all-around task and notes management system. Google keeps it comfortable for teams and employees to stay on the same page and coordinate for any project, assignment, or collaboration. 


Google Workspace is an all-around solution for all your software needs as an organization. Whether it be email hosting, collaboration tools, communication features, or your company’s other requirements, Google Workspace got it covered. 

Still, if there are any lingering doubts about its implementation, Google provides a 14-day trial. You can take this service for a spin and see how much it can help you and your company by increasing work efficiency, boosting profit margins, and providing better communication among employees. 

Google Workspace can help a lot when you need to manage employees who are working from home by making sure no workflow or employee morale gets disrupted. You can learn more about it from Google’s official blog.