Mail Spam Control and Threats Protection in Google Workspace

Google Workspace is a collection of productivity tools from Google that comprises Gmail, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Calendar, Forms, Keep, and many more. Apart from these, you’ll be getting enterprise-level services and features such as a custom domain and personalized email addresses on that domain. You’ll also get options for unlimited Drive storage, 24×7 customer support over the telephone, and additional administrative tools.

how google workspace protects spam

It is not wrong to say that most of the users use Google Workspace for their Gmail service. Having a smart email service that also protects you from spam is what most businesses look for. Google’s hard-shell security also plays a crucial role in making Google Suite a secure platform to work on.

Their complicated, rather fundamental security algorithms keep an eye on every potential concern, saving you and your company/organization from attackers and intruders. All the services, as mentioned earlier, help companies and organizations to run efficiently on the Internet.

How does Google Workspace Filter Spam Emails in General?

Sending and receiving tons of emails on a daily basis is really important for any small company or a large organization. To make things a little bit more comfortable, Google Suite can filter your emails automatically to protect your company against spam and potential threats.

google workspace suspicious email

What protects your emails?
Several factors filter spam emails from the rest of the emails in the inbox. These essential factors include the sender’s address, the sender’s IP address, the sender’s location, the content of the mail, and previously flagged reports against the sender. Specific authentication protocols are also checked while filtering any email and throwing them into the spam folder.

As a consequence of multi-factor filtering, even legitimate emails get dumped into the spam folder or are sometimes entirely blocked from reaching the recipient. These are executed unintentionally, and if anything small goes sideways, the filtering algorithms can prohibit relevant emails from reaching your inbox.

How does Google Workspace Protect you Against Spam Emails?

If you want more precise control over filtering your emails apart from the basic ones that Google offers, then you can go deep down into Google Suite Admin settings. As a Google Suite administrator, you’ll be getting additional benefits here too. Therefore you can protect incoming mail against harmful malware and phishing.

As an example, you can choose what Gmail does with a suspicious email, whether to dump it into the Spam folder or keep that in your inbox alongside a warning banner. Unlike other Gmail users, Google Suite administrators will get advanced security settings that can be tailored to a great extent for different users and teams.

These advanced security settings help fighting spam
  • Attachments – Unknown attachments on an email are scanned before they reach you. Primarily encrypted attachments are used to spread trojans and malware, thus they are flagged immediately as encrypted files can’t be scanned.
  • Links and external images – Links present in an email are scanned in advance, and the security algorithms look for potential threats and malicious content on those sites. If found untrusted, a warning banner will be shown before you open the links.
  • Spoofing and authentication – These provide you protection against spoofing a domain, pretending someone to be from a trusted domain, and unauthenticated emails from every domain. A question mark is displayed after unauthenticated domains and the sender’s name.

With advanced settings enabled, you can:

  • Apply future speculated settings automatically to ensure maximum protection.
  • Create the most substantial level of security for your domain by turning on every security setting and leaving them at maximum.
  • Customize security settings based on what you and your company want. You can even set individual parameters for every user.

How to Enable an Advanced Security Layer?

Execute the following setups to enable advanced security settings for your domain on Google Suite.

  1. Sign in to Google Admin Console using your administrator account. (not one that has your personified domain address)
    google workspace admin spam protection
  2. From the homepage of Admin Console go to Apps > Google Workspacegoogle workspace spam filters
  3. From all list of apps, select Gmail (as shown in the image)
    google workspace apps spam setting
  4. In the Safety section, you’ll find these options
    safety setting on google workspace
    • Attachments
    • Links and external images
    • Spoofing and authentication
  5. Under these three options, there are individual security and protection toggles for your Google Suite. You can go through them individually and choose your desired settings.

All the toggles and settings are positioned under their respective sections. Therefore, it will be easy for you to go through each one and toggle or select an option based on your requirements and personal preferences. You can learn more in-depth by visiting Google’s very own Google Suite Admin Help Centre and Community Forums.

Concluding words

For an average Google service user, it’s already got tons of security components. But if you’re a Google Suite administrator, you can have more precise control over your email settings to protect your company or organization from malicious emails and unrecognized email attachments.

Even you can customize different security profiles for different users under your domain. All these features of Google Suite are what help you run your business efficiently, and that is why Google Suite is trusted among 4 million paying companies and 70 million education users.

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