Google Workspace Account Has Been Suspended (Fix)

It’s not uncommon for users to occasionally face account suspensions on Google Workspace due to various reasons. If you find yourself in this situation, don’t panic. This article will guide you through the steps to restore your suspended Google Workspace account.

google account suspended

1. Understand the Reason for Suspension

Before you can address the issue, it’s crucial to understand why your account was suspended in the first place. Google may suspend accounts for various reasons:

  • Monthly Payment Failure: If Google can’t charge your billing account for a monthly payment and you don’t address the issue within 30 days, your service may be suspended.
  • Free Trial Expired: If you don’t set up billing before your free trial ends, Google will suspend your service until you do.
  • Annual Contract Not Renewed: For Annual Plan customers, if you don’t renew your annual contract, your service will be suspended until you restore your contract.
  • Domain Registration Expired: If you purchased your domain through Google and didn’t renew your annual domain registration, your service could be suspended.

2. Addressing Payment Issues

If your suspension is due to payment failures:

  • Fix Payment Issues: Update your billing information or resolve any issues with your payment method to lift the billing suspension.
  • Set Up Google Workspace Billing: If your free trial has expired, ensure you set up your billing to resume service.

3. Renew Domain Registration

If your suspension is due to an expired domain registration:

  • Renew Domain: If you purchased your domain through Google, ensure you renew your domain registration to lift the suspension.

4. Restore Suspended User Accounts

Sometimes, individual user accounts within your organization might be suspended. Here’s how to restore them:

  • Sign in to Google Admin Console: Use your administrator account.
  • Navigate to Directory > Users: Here, you can find the list of all users.
  • Identify Suspended Users: You can filter the users by their status to find suspended accounts.
  • Reactivate User: On the row for the suspended user, click on “More options” and then “Reactivate.”

5. Restore a Suspended Gmail Account

If a user’s Gmail account is suspended:

  • Sign in to Google Admin Console: Use your administrator account.
  • Navigate to Directory > Users: Find the user whose Gmail is suspended.
  • Reactivate Gmail: At the top right, click “Reactivate.” The Gmail account will be enabled within 15 minutes.

6. Avoid Future Suspensions

To prevent future suspensions:

  • Update Payment Methods: Ensure your payment methods are up-to-date and valid.
  • Renew Contracts and Domains: Set reminders to renew your annual contracts and domain registrations on time.
  • Understand Google’s Policies: Familiarize yourself with Google’s terms of service and mail policies to avoid unintentional violations.


Account suspensions can be disruptive, but with the right steps, you can quickly restore your Google Workspace services. Always ensure you’re in compliance with Google’s policies and keep your billing information updated to prevent future suspensions. If you’re ever in doubt, refer to the Google Workspace Admin Help for guidance. Source