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[Users Feedback in December] Who used G Suite Promo Codes

In the month of December 2019, we sent over 1000 promo codes to our users. We saw a lot of positive feedback which is too awesome to share with the community. Here is the feedback of real G Suite users who started using G Suite in the month of December and also used promotional code from us.

december promo code uses feedback

Alex Dawson-Stanley said

“We are a startup digital marketing agency just looking to save some money on our start-up costs”

– 3rockagency.com

Andrew said

To operate business more effectively

– drewwang.com

Hannah Tillman said

We are migrating from Office 365 to G Suite.

– hexsecurityservices.com

Brian said

Integrates with marketing software, great search functionality, access to integrated G Suite Apps for entire team to collaborate.

– tokalonclothing.com

Diahann said

Reduce expenses from outlook 365

– kontaktid.com

Steven Osborne said

G Suite is very useful for my business because I need email and voice phone number for customers to contact me.

– arcticdesigns.net

Amber said

I need G Suite because I need access to all of the features plus I need to add my Team for collaboration and more. I want G Suite instead of trying to piece it together myself.

– illusiventerprises.com

Diahann Boock said

To get off Office 365 and more effectively manage my business.

– diahannboock.com

Vincent said

communicate and share better

– photikmusic.com

Stephanie Nisan said

Find it to be the best way to manage email

– thestozgroup.com

Jeremy Morse said

I want to use g suite so I can better manage email, photos, contacts, and everything to make my business run better.


Adam Pio said

To make my business more manageable and to get GOOGLE VOICE

– farmingtonautosales.com

Chris Gregory said

I’m taking a G Suite Administration class ad I need to set up a domain.

– squirrelnet.info

Gabriella said

For my branding and design business, I need an email that contains my domain name.

– gabriellarangelclarkdesignco.com

Alejandro Perez said

To streamline our new business making it as efficient as possible while still using a shoestring budget.

– tcglouisville.com

Brandon said

I run a small IT support company that would love to have cheaper G Suite rates.

– pkdup.com

Sherman said

I am launching a new apparel online clothing store that requires unique email accounts for business operations

– endtimesmerchandise.com

Maan Abdelkader said

Using this suite to set up a professional email for my accounting business.

– maancpa.com

Ed said

This will be used to communicate with customers.

– tuttocases.com

Numpty said

I’ve always used G Suite.

– getpaidtobehappy.com

Patricia Barfield said

Just starting my new business Diamond Property Group and love to use the Google Suite for my mail, document for admin organizational purposes, document sharing and other components included in the suite.

Rick Farrow said

I’m needing something that is accessed by different employees and I’m needing online storage.

– www.rickfarrowlaw.com

Jacinto said

Take advantage of added paid features

– pscincorp.com

Darian said

I want to be able to maintain the greatest professional look through media, and G Suite can help me with that

– thepplclothing.com

Samantha Groll said

To be more educated about the products and services that I utilize

Alicia said

I am a one-person operation. I am a new business owner that is trying to create an email to keep in touch with customers and to operate my store purchases, websites and everything associated with running my business.

– rainyremedy.com

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