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Troubleshooting Applying G Suite Promo Code (Error and Solution)

Some of my G Suite customers face problems while applying promo code to their accounts. So I want to tell you that there are some guidelines that you need to follow before applying any promotional code to your account. Firstly your G Suite account should be eligible and here are some eligibility criteria.

So read this article carefully before asking us for a promotion code. This way you can easily avoid any kind of errors.

g suite promo code error

1. Code Has Already Been Used

The error you get: “The promotion code you entered has already been used before.

g suite code already used error

If you get this type of error, it means the promotion code has already been used by someone else. This happens when you do not apply the code right away after getting it from us. We would highly recommend you to apply the code as soon as you get it or you may ask us for the code before

Alternatively, you can ask us for another promo code. We usually send a new promo code to G Suite users.

2. Applying Wrong Country Code

The error you get: “The promotion code you entered does not apply to your country/region.

g suite promo code region error

This error means you are trying to apply the G Suite promo code, which is intended to be valid for a different country. As you know, a G Suite promotional code comes exclusively for a particular country and user. For example, if you have a G Suite promo code for the USA and you want to apply it on the G Suite Canada account, it simply doesn’t work. Therefore you need to find out the exclusive G Suite promo code for Canada to get a 20% discount.

Go to G Suite admin console → Billing → Select purchase options → Select the correct country and then finally apply the code.

3. Wrong G Suite Code Type Error

The error you get: “The promotion code you entered is not valid for the selected product.

g suite wrong promo code type

There are two types of G Suite promo codes, business and basic. So make sure that you are applying the correct type of promo code otherwise you will get the above error and won’t get the discount benefit.

While asking us for code, make sure to select the current type of promo code that you need.

How to confirm if you have successfully applied a promo code?

There are two ways to check if the code has been successfully applied to your account. First, you can see a confirmation message after using the code.

The message you see: “20% off each month for 12 months (s) if the minimum monthly bill is $1.00.

See the example below.

g suite promotion code applied successfully

The second way to check is to see your subscription status under the Billing section.

g suite billing status


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