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How to Apply G Suite Promo Code? Step by Step Guide

I have recently talked about how one can set up G Suite domain name, now its time to go further. In this post, we will learn how we can apply G Suite promo code to receive a discount up to 20% for the first time.

apply g suite promo code

Step 1: Login to Your G Suite Account

So first of all, go to Google admin to sign-in to your new G Suite account. Fill your login credentials and click sign-in. On your first visit, Google may prompt you with a Terms of Services and Privacy Policy agreement. If you agree, click “Accept” and move to the next page.

g suite terms of services

Step 2: Get a G Suite Promo Code

Now, to apply a promo code, you should first get one. So visit our G Suite promo code page and fill the form to receive your code in your email along with the instruction. If you have a G Suite business account, then apply for a G Suite business promo code from here.

g suite promo code form

Just fill the form and wait for a few hours. Now, when you get your code in your email address, you can proceed to the final step.

Step 3: Apply the Promo Code

Now its time to apply the code and for this, you need to open your dashboard and click billing icon. As shown in the image below.

g suite dashboard

In the billing section, G Suite will tell you how many days are left in your trial. Just ignore it and click Set Up Billing.

g suite billing

Now, G Suite may ask you to choose G Suite basic or business account. Choose your preferred account type and finally, you will see the billing section. Click on the Promotion Code section and copy-paste your code and hit enter. If you see a notification like “20% off each month for 12 months (s) if the minimum monthly bill is $1.00” it simply means that your promo code has been successfully applied.

g suite apply promo code

Finally, complete your order and you are done.