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G Suite for Your Small Business: 9 Reasons to Start Using it

In this article, we will learn about G Suite, how it works, and why should you use it for your small business? Long story short, I am a paid user of G Suite for about two years now and own a small business. I’ve created this article to educate new G Suite users about the services you get. Let’s get started.

g suite for small business

Quick G Suite Intro

In layman’s term, G Suite is a collective suite of different Google Apps which are powered by Google Cloud. It is designed for small to large businesses to improve communication with their team, have better collaboration, and increase productivity.

For example, you get a different type of apps to achieve a common goal such as

  1. Gmail (email hosting)
  2. Calendar (smart scheduling)
  3. Currents (beautiful discussions)
  4. Google Chat (instant text messaging)
  5. Google Meet (instant video calling)
  6. Docs (document editing)
  7. Sheets (spreadsheet editing)
  8. Forms (surveys and feedback)
  9. Slides (effective presentation)
  10. Sites (create HTML webpages)
  11. Apps Script (application development)
  12. Keep (quick notepad)
  13. Drive (storage disk)
  14. Cloud Search (search anything within your domain)
  15. Admin (full control)
  16. Vault (retention, legal holds, export, audit)
  17. Mobile (management using a mobile)

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Why Should You Start Using G Suite for Your Small Business?

About 73% of modern small businesses depend heavily on various software for their workflow. As a matter of fact, these softwares should provide security from online threats, gives you the ability to collaborate on projects, and, most importantly, should give you full control. These features are necessary to challenge your competitors and for your business growth. But in reality, a majority of software lacks these basic features. Also, you need to pay a hefty amount of money to keep the subscription going. This is why sticking to old obsolete methods can result in considerable losses to the company. 

On the other hand, G Suite (a combination of different cloud apps) is a fully integrated SaaS (software as a service) product by Google. This fulfills all the software needs of a small company. Some known features, like Gmail, Docs, Drive, etc. help businesses, enterprises, and even institutes for staying on the same foot with the growing technology.

The major reasons why small businesses prefer G Suite over the competitors is because of its organized teamwork, productivity, and collaboration features. With applications like Keep and Calendar, companies and businesses keep track of meetings, make to-do lists, etc. Also, these applications are interconnected, which makes your experience even smoother. For example, you can make an appointment with your Gmail clients directly from your Google Calendar and later talk with them using Google Meet without re-adding their contact again.

It helps working more efficiently and works together to finish the job on time. For example, multiple users can work on the same file simultaneously. Compelling viewing, commenting, and administering of the task are some of the outstanding features. As a G Suite user, I can tell that team-work and employee coordination improves with G Suite.

Here is why you need G Suite for your small business.

1. For Emailing

g suite gmail for small business

You already know that emailing your customers/partners is a basic but important tactic to get in touch with them. But G Suite brings you “Gmail,” which is the world’s most popular, powerful, and intelligent emailing service. Here is why G Suite delivers a great emailing experience.

Craft your brand email

Sending an email with your personal Gmail account doesn’t always good legit, and it also lacks professionalism. Think of Amazon when you order something, and you receive an mail from “order@amazon.com,” not “amazonorder@gmail.com.”

With G Suite, you can create up to 500 unique custom email addresses with your own domain name on it. This means with G Suite, instead of using the regular “@gmail.com,” you can use your own domain name for mailing; for example, “employee@companydomain.com.”

Custom email definitely improves your brand awareness as well as looks professional. Here are some more essential features.

There are several other unique features that I haven’t mentioned in this article.

2. For Data Storage

g suite drive for small business

No doubt that online businesses require a data storage platform, whether less or more. With G Suite, you get “Drive,” that can store your data for up to 30GB or Unlimited (depends on your G Suite subscription plan). Google Drive is one of the most advanced cloud storage platforms in today’s market. With an uptime of more than 99.999%, it is preferred over others for its safety and ease of use. 

Drive will let you store any type of file you wanted. Also, you can run most of the popular file extensions directly from your Drive. The main concern of storing your private data online is privacy and security. Here is an explanation for that.

How Secure is Google Drive?

Google drives works on SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), which a strong TLS encryption. Also, your files stored in secured Google’s data centers. So whenever you upload, edit or download your private file, it uses the world’s most secure network to transfer your data but in a 256-bit encryption form. It becomes almost impossible to get access to your data by any third person or potential threat unless you share your file publically.

Here are some of the advanced features you would love.

  • Gives you full control over sharing your files
  • Get unlimited storage capability (max 750 GB per file size)
  • Automatically synchronizes your files from your mobile, tablet or desktop app
  • Recover your data from a stolen, lost or broken device using another device, anytime

3. For Reminders

g suite calendar for small business

To keep track of your next important schedules, it requires an intelligent and reliable solution that can notify you with a set of reminders, every single time. For that, G Suite has “Calendar,” which is again a cloud-based application that saves all your to-do’s, tasks, holidays, events, and upcoming important appointments.

What else can G Suite Calendar do?

Not only this, Google Calendar is an excellent tool for creating Holidays and Event alerts based on religion, national holidays, or your favorite sports team. Here are some of the cool things that you can do with Calendar.

  • Useful for schedule meetings, adding new tasks
  • Create your own appointment schedule with time and date
  • Create multiple and share your Calendar with your team
  • Get always-on reminder alert before 10-minutes of schedule
  • Cross-platform syncing is available for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac

Google Calendar improves your collaboration with your team and helps you to grow faster, especially if you own a small business company. Your employees barely have to click a couple of icons to ensure that their data is registered safely. With Google Calendar, the need for manual data entry, to keep records of appointments and schedules, is eradicated.

4. For Editing

g suite docs for small business

Maintaining files and hard copies of important documents is out of fashion. Now Google “Docs,”Slides,” and “Sheets” taking over the market, which are one of the most productive apps of G Suite. These apps bring not only day-to-day requirements of corporate life at your fingertips but also enable efficient editing, conversion, and export of documents.

Google Docs is useful to access, edit and share supported documents (i.e .doc, .docx, .docm, .dot, .dotx, .dotm, .rtf, .odt, .html, .txt). Also, you can convert these files to .pdf format. On the other hand, Google Sheets takes care of your all supported spreadsheet files (i.e .xls .xlsx, .xlt, .xlsm, .xltm, .xlam, .csv). Finally, Slides handles all of your presentations file (i.e .ppt, .pptx).

Now, with G Suite you get exceptional editing features such as

  • No need to install anything, it just works with any modern browser
  • Find a variety of templates with to headstart your work
  • Better collaboration with realtime commenting & editing with your team
  • Saves automatically and synchronize your files to Drive
  • Type fluently using Google voice commands (machine learning)
  • Access and edit your files even while you are offline
  • Get unlimited revisions history to make the necessary corrections

You can do more with your editing by using third-party apps. These apps are available on G Suite Marketplace and require a one-time installation to your G Suite account.

5. For Conversation

g suite hangouts meet for small business

As we are learning about G Suite, we know how powerful it gets when it comes to productivity. However, for collaboration, it’s even better. With G Suite, we get “Google Meet” and “Chat,” which is a web-based and app-based client realtime video calling and chat solution, respectively.

Do More with Google Meet and Chat

Google Meet works with other popular video conferencing solutions like Skype. This means a user of Skype can join your meeting. In fact, any system that supports SIP and H.323 standards can connect to Google Meet calls. Additionally, you can record all your meetings and save them to your Google Drive so that you can revise or cross-check essential points later.

Google Meet and Chat also take advantage of G Suite integration, which helps to automate your work effectively. For example, you can use Calander to schedule a meeting appointment with your team so that everybody gets notify at the right time. You don’t have to contact every team member individually, and it just works without any extra effort.

While on Google Meet, you can send PDF or Slides attachments using Drive. Moreover, you can use G Suite hardware called “Jamboard” to draw and explain things more visually. Here are some more highlighted features of Google Chat and Meet.

Features of Google Meet

  • You can have a maximum of 100 to 250 participants on Meet
  • The directly dial-in number to have a quick meeting
  • It just simply works on any desktop browser, Android or iOS
  • No plug-ins, add-ons or extension download needed

Features of Google Chat

  • Supports chat 28 chat languages
  • Works on any modern browser
  • Allows third-party integration
  • No software installation required
  • Create different chat rooms with a max 8,000 participants

6. For Collecting Feedback

g suite forms for small business

Continous feedback keeps a company going and unlocks change. It also helps in improving the overall quality of your products. G Suite offers “Forms,” an easy and effective way to create awesome feedback forms, surveys within minutes. You can create the right form for the right type of audience, and you don’t even need any technical knowledge for it.

Google Forms app comes jam-packed with multiple-choice, checkboxes, radio buttons, drop-down options, short answers, paragraph responses, etc. With this much of editing options, you can make custom forms in no time.

Do more with Forms

  • Create polls, quizzes, surveys with professional templates
  • Collect private user’s data like Name, Number and Email
  • Get instant alerts whenever a user submits your form
  • Customize header image, theme and title of forms with your own branding

Tip: With the help of Google “Sites” (included with G Suite), you can create an awesome micro-site with custom-designed webpages and add your forms on it. This way, you can add more information and collect a better response from your targetted audience.

7. For Engagement and Innovations

g suite currents for small business

Lack of team engagement is often seen, and about 87% percent of the worldwide employees’ team isn’t engaged with their work. Engagement of your team or employees is significant for the sustainable growth of your business. To improve the engagement, you can start working with “Currents.” It is a tool that comes bundled with G Suite to help to reach your goals faster.

It provides your team with a space to share their ideas, provide feedback, and have a healthy discussion. As a Frontman of any company, it’s always good to hear new ideas, suggestions to have flexibility in your business rather than remaining unidirectional. It also helps in creating new innovations in no time. The study shows that team engagement workforces boost the potential growth of your company by 147%.

Here are some of the great features of Google Currents

  • A social media like platform for your team with a clean interface
  • Create personalized content feeds with valuable metrics
  • Stay connected with your team and have meaningful discussions
  • Find useful insights by using other’s experience

“Currents” is currently available only on Beta testing. You can still ask for testing it from here.

8. For Quick Notes

g suite keep for small institutes

Need to make a quick note about an idea you’ve just got or maybe need a to-do list? With “Keep,” you can do this effectively from anywhere and using any smartphone device. With G Suite, Keep becomes an all-rounded information storing application.

Here is more you can do with Keep

  • Add your team to your Keep and start exploring ideas together
  • Make lists, add new pictures and audio files
  • You can also begin drawing quick and easy
  • Customize your notes with color, labeling, and attributes

9. For Safety

g suite security

With every G Suite account type, you get full control over your data. Some of the most highlighted controls are

  • Alert center
  • Less secure apps
  • Advanced Protection Program
  • Password management
  • Login challenges
  • API Permissions

Your company data is essential, and securing it should be the topmost priority. G suite is accountable among the most trustworthy names in terms of data privacy and protection. As I have already mentioned that the data stores in Google data centers that prevent loss during transmission while also ensuring remote access.

G Suite handles a lot of information and data generated by the company is on a daily basis. However, G Suite can confidently secure your sensitive data from being leaked to unauthorized parties, and manage third-party app access to your Google Services.

G Suite vs. Free Google Apps (Comparison)

You might think that the majority of G Suite apps are available for free with any Google account. This raises the question of why one should invest in G Suite instead of a regular Google account.

The Comparison

Here are some points which will help you to understand better

  1. Software like Google Office, Drive, Calendar, etc. are available at no cost and are widely used. However, as a company or business, G Suite provides unique features that include freedom of sharing and accessing all the data. It also means more control over your data and better security. With G Suite, the choice of unlimited cloud storage and an essential feature like admin control is also included, which clearly lacks in free Google account.
  2. A G Suite administrator has the right to give access permissions, manage workflow and data migration options with the domain freedom. Moreover, the admin also gets a single control source, equipped with the required authority to keep the data secure. This includes features like adding and removing users, two-step verification, and single sign-on.
  3. It is possible to create custom emails for your company domain with G Suite but completely lacks in free Google account. Custom email gives better exposure to your brand and builds trust among users.
  4. Free Google apps work as an assistant and aim at enforcing the specific goals of an individual. While, G Suite is specially designed to manage multiple types of requirements of a small to large organization and, thus, enhance its outcomes.

Cost-Effective Choices

G Suite provides three different subscription packages. Here is standard pricing for the USA (please note that the subscription fee may vary as per country).

  • Business Starter: Professional features with 30 GB storage for $6 per month.
    (great pick for an individual)
  • Business Standard: Enhanced features with unlimited storage for $12 per month.
    (great pick for a small company)
  • Business Plus: Premium features and most advanced control facility for $18 per month.
    (great pick for a large company or an organization)

Running an educational institution? Here is how you can get G Suite for free.

Also, You don’t need to commit to a yearly plan unless you wanted it. G Suite charges yearly as well as a monthly basis. The monthly payment method goes under the Flexible payment method. You can always cancel your subscription at any point in time.

Special Discount Offer for You

New can save flat 20% off in the first-year subscription using a unique G Suite promo code provided by us. Also, you can enjoy 14 days of free trial without entering your credit card details.


G Suite is a solution for any business to become more focused, efficient, and organized with the workflow. It has multiple built-in user-friendly applications provided by Google, which makes the entire process of handling and managing even more convenient.

Even though if you other popular platforms like Office 365, migrating to G Suite is really easy and doesn’t take long. I would personally recommend every small business to at least try the service once. It is free for the first 14 days. Start your trial today.