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G Suite Apps List: Top 8 Apps That You Must Use

G Suite is a set of online cloud tools that are designed to improve the productivity of online businesses. G Suite is owned by Google and was previously known as “Google Apps for your Domain.” In simple words, G Suite makes your business more professional, organizes your emails and makes it more collaborative.

g suite app list

So first of all, Here is the list of main G Suite Apps

1. Gmail


The world’s most potent and widely used emailing system is a core app of G Suite. Gmail allows you to sync emails through POP or IMAP protocols. It makes your emails more organized. It is the smartest way to send or receive emails, and it is available on cross-platform like Android, Windows, iOS, etc.

2. Drive


The drive is a secure cloud storage solution where you can upload your important or personal files such as images, pdf, docs, videos and basically everything. With Drive, you have the ability to share your files with your team. Also, you can access your stored files from anywhere, anytime and even offline. Just like Gmail, Drive is smart and categorized your files automatically to make it look more organized.

3. Calendar


The calendar gives you the power to planning and scheduling your next important meeting, events, or date. You can also publish your Calendar publically using Google Sites. It is also integrated with Gmail, Sites, Drive, Contacts, and Google Meet to mark the next significant time or date.

4. Google Meet and Chat


Google Chat is like a messaging tool that can help you to engage with your team from anywhere, anytime. You may create a Meet group to save your time talking with your team. Also, Google Meet allows you to have an HD real-time video conversation using your Android mobile or Desktop browser. You can call up to 30 different people at the same time.

5. Keep


It is a quick memo app by Google which automatically saves everything you type in it. Keep is available both in Android as well as a web browser. It is a great tool to capture ideas, and you may use it as a to-do list app.

6. Docs


Google Docs is a top-rated app to edit or create files on widely known formats such as Microsoft Word, Adobe Reader, HTML, Plain text, etc. It also supports real-time editing with your team by sharing a particular file with multiple members. You can create a document using thousands of fonts and formats. Another great thing about Docs is that it allows you to work offline if you are using the Chrome browser or the Docs app on Android. It’s a hassle-free which does not require any software download at all.

7. Forms


A great tool to conduct a survey or to gather feedback from your customers. You can easily create forms using drag and drop elements. Forms let you create beautiful questionnaires using options like multiple choice, checkboxes, dropdown. It has data validation rules which ensure that you are receiving a correct email address in the form. After creating a form, you can share it’s linked on your website or social media platform to start collecting feedback.

8. Sheets


Sheets gives you the power to use spreadsheets on the go without having real software on your computer or mobile. Create collaborative, smart, secure your next XML files project.