How to Create Business Gmail Account?

Let’s be honest, we love using Gmail because it is a secure and powerful email client. It has a clean user interface and that too combined with built-in artificial intelligence. But what makes Gmail popular is that it is completely “free to use” and available on cross-platform devices.

Now, what if you want to use Gmail as your business email?

As you know, the personal account of Gmail comes with “” which doesn’t look professional. If you want to use your business domain on Gmail (for example, “”), you can do that by using G Suite.

With G Suite, you can get ad-free Gmail experience with your own business domain and more other benefits such as the ability to attach heavy files, full ownership of the email account, and ability to create multiple email aliases and group email addresses. G Suite also lets you upload unlimited files in Gmail and you will always have the full rights to the ownership of all the documents.

How to Create Business Gmail Account

Steps to Create a Business Gmail Account

Creating a business Gmail account is actually very easy and requires limited less technical knowledge.

  1. The first step is to buy a business domain from any domain registrar (ignore if already have)
  2. Visit G Suite and avail 14 days free trial account for your business
  3. Select G Suite Business or Basic account, according to your convenience, check the difference
  4. Now once you are ready, start setting up your brand domain with G Suite
  5. Finally, we can add more users (email accounts) on your G Suite Dashboard, just select “Users” from the list
    create more G Suite email users
  6. Its time to create multiple Gmail account, click “Add new user” from the options
    add more business email accounts on G Suite
  7. Now you can create as much as users you want and all can access their Gmail account separately.
    adding a new user on G Suite

Benefits of Using Business Gmail Account

1. Branding

G Suite helps your business to improve brand awareness among your clients and customers. Unlike a personal Gmail account, G Suite allows you to build your emails with your brand domain name. For example, you can create branded emails like “”, “”, you name it. So whenever your customers or clients receive an email from you, they immediately recognize your brand name.

2. 30 GB to Unlimited Storage

Gmail has a limit of 15GB storage for a personal account. If you fill all of your storage, you will get a warning like “Gmail is out of space“. After this point, you would no longer be able to upload more stuff. It also applies to the attachment you send with your outgoing email. Now we know how much important is the storage.

With G Suite Basic plan, you get 30GB storage per user, which is double than a personal Gmail account. If you create 5 users, you get a total of 30 x 5 = 50GB space (30GB space for each user). However, if you are running a type of business that relies on heavy data storage, the G Suite Business plan is highly recommended. A Business account gives you access to unlimited storage. However, if you have 4 or fewer users, you get 1TB storage for each user.

3. Admin Control

With G Suite, you get the Admin Control Panel which is really useful to enhance the security of your account, limit user access, and to add and remove users from your aliases. Unlike free/personal Gmail, you don’t need to create separate email accounts for each of your employees. You can simply add as much as email accounts you need under one roof. For example, if your company has 20 employees, you can add business emails for each of your employees within 10 minutes.

If you have more than one business domain name, you can always simply add it to your existing G Suite account and create as many business emails for that too. No need to create a separate G Suite account.

4. Apps ecosystem

Take full benefits of the G Suite apps ecosystem. For example, if you receive an appointment, reservation, or any event date, you can always check it on Calendar. Now, the Calendar app takes care of your event and reminds you at the right time. This is due to the ecosystem developed by Google.

The same thing can also apply to other G Suite app, for example, Drive. Let’s assume a scenario where you want to attach a file in your mail more than 25 Mb. But, due to the limitation of Gmail, you can only attach files less than 25 Mb. Now, by taking advantage of the G Suite ecosystem, you can attach heavy files in your Gmail using your Drive. This makes sending emails more fun and you don’t have to upload the same file every time to different customers and clients. Just attach from Drive and send.

5. Advertisement free

No one likes ads and your personal Gmail account comes bundled with ads. Advertisement is a great way to generate income for Google. However, if you paying for their service you won’t see any annoying ads in your business Gmail or across any other G Suite apps. It is just one of the premium features of G Suite.

6. Customer Support

If anything goes with your G Suite account or maybe you are stuck on anything important in your account, there are thousands of helpful guides curated by Google. Or, if you want personal support, you can always count on great customer support offered by Google. You can reach the support team 24/7 via Email, Chat, or Phone Call.