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G Suite Canada Promo Code

G Suite provides unique promo codes for different countries so that customers can avail a 20% discount on their first subscription. Now customers from Canada can enjoy price cut using G Suite promo code. This page is dedicated to providing G Suite business promo code as well as G Suite Basic Promo Code for Canada.

If you wondering how to get these codes? Well, it’s very simple. Just fill the form below accurately including your name, communication email, promo code type. Finally, hit the submit button to see all the promo codes. Also, make sure to use the code as early as possible because people looking for these codes may use them before you do.

Steps to Get G Suite Canada Promo Code

Step 1: Visit this G Suite link to apply the discount code

Step 2: Fill the form and get code in your entered email.

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How Much Can I Save with G Suite Promo Code in Canada?

There is not an exact figure as it entirely depends upon your plan and team. Currently, the base price for G Suite Basic in Canada is $6 (a recent price change) and $12 for G Suite Business. However, if you apply a promo code on your first subscription after 14 days trial period, you can save a flat 20%. Let’s understand it with an example here.

Suppose, you are creating a team of 10 users on G Suite basic plan. So accordingly, your final price will be as following

  • Price for 1 user (G Suite Canada) = $6
  • Similarly, Price for 10 users = 10 X $6 = $60
  • Now, Promo Code Discount (per User): 20% or $1.2
  • Similarly, Discount for 10 Users: $1.2 x 10 = $12
  • Your Final Bill: $60 – $12 = $48

As you can see, with a team of 10 users, the average saving is $12 when you apply the G Suite promo code for Canada. If you don’t apply one, you have to pay the regular bill.

Can I Apply Promo Code on Next Billing?

No, the G Suite promo code is applicable only for new users. That means you only get a single chance to apply the promo code on your first billing. After that, you can continue using the G Suite service at a regular fee.

Is Other Country’s Promo Code Applicable in Canada?

No, G Suite promo code is region-based which means promo code for the USA cannot be used on G Suite Canada and vice-versa. That is why, on this page, you will only get the specific G Suite promo codes for Canadian customers.

Is there a Specific Promo Code for G Suite Business in Canada?

Yes, G Suite has two types of promo codes. One is exclusively for G Suite Basic and the other one is for G Suite Business. So make sure to select the desired promo code before filling up the form.

Can I Apply Same Promo Code on Flexible as well as Yearly Plan?

Yes, you can. A promo code given for G Suite basic or business is applicable on both flexible (monthly) and yearly plans.

What is the Validity of the Promo Code?

These are the fresh G Suite promo codes for 2019 and will expire soon. So it is highly recommended to utilize them within two months. Also, if the same code is applied by someone else, you cannot use it again.